I Is Life

I Is Life

Monday, November 8, 2010

I Stop Hoping

Ive been too overwhelming of getting my own, so any sign appeared i only thought about it and hyper hope for it to happen..
i hated myself when what i've been hoping is totally waste and i couldnt even accept the weaknesses that occur
from ours..
maybe god have plan for that, i believe that, play deaf isnt hard..people talk as they pleased, i dont care..
i dont die for that, maybe they will...

i sad..

today im very sad..the saddest day of my life...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Mine

We two..Its been 6 years since we knew each other..
ever since i remember we two couple i have feeling that he will
become part of my life..

I 24 hours

my husband left me for some work to do at FOREST!!!
i feel miss him a lot..
i find out that he always make me laugh n of cos cry..
but when im sleeping he will kiss me n said "sayang bah dia ne"
i feel sad n happy same time..
but i continue to sleep then..hahaha
he go to work every 5 days a week..
but he didnt forget to kiss me while im still in dream
whereas at that time i can get up and prepare him some breakfast?
hahahahahha, im just lazy wife..forgive me dear..
uumph, its too indicate that im miss him right now..
but its true..i just love me husband..

I late

its been a while i didnt write here..
i just recovered from ill and i still have to do some me health..
uiss..its crazy when i feel that i will die sooner than i tot..
god, i didnt have children yet, yup maybe im married but i want some of us..
hope god will bring me some sooner..
still hoping and hoping..

Monday, July 12, 2010

I've been created by Martin Idai and Lily Lerry Talip

The meaning of Jc-Eboa??
J: Jason
C: Carolina
E: Edna
B: Brenda
O: Owen Darren
A: Amanda Daisy
Those been manufactured by M&L
M: Martin
L: Lily Lerry

.................................... Hahahahah..LOL

I like

i juz met sum1 yesterday, resemble with sum1 i knew..but dis 1 a bit chuuby..ahaha

We are Crazy

I is stupid..

im being one of the stupidiest creature in this whole world..
sumtime im good, sumtime im opposite of good..
i wanna be someone good, but i am good?
so what the big deal?
see? isnt that sound stupid?
im bloggin alone


why people tend to take their own life instead waitin god to call them..
y people struggle to live because of their illness or any happen to them?
even to start a life is just so hard for certain people, i mean how come others can get easily
but then me?
is this fate?
is the time challenging me?
GOD want me to be like this bcause HE already planned something better?

Hi there..

This is my 1st bloggin here..and its kinda exciting..